Twilight Craft - 440 biome

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Állapot Online
Játékosok 4/40
Verzió 1.17.1
Regisztrálta Darkweasam
Regisztrálva 2016.11.27. 16:06
Utoljára frissítve 2019.02.10. 15:27
Kulcsszavak TúlélőHardcoreRolePlay/SzerepjátékPVE


-▷ Do you love Survival? We do too! Join our fully custom server, - Twilight Craft!

+ TwilightCraft is a Survival Experience Like No Other, you may think survival is boring, well you haven't joined us to bring you that overall new experience, join today!

-▷ IP ⇒
-▷ Website ⇒
-▷ Discord ⇒

+ over 400 Custom biomes & Uniquely Generated Structures
Every biome are different and contains unique dungeons!

+ over 25 Custom Bosses
Stop the army of Necromancer! Alot of  Boss awaits to be challenged!

+ over 25 New Enchantments
3x3 Mining, Bleed, Explosive arrows, Multishoot and many many more!

+ over 80 New mobs
Fight with many many custom mobs we made, just for you!

+ Upgradeable Spawners
Upgrade spawners to spawn faster and more mobs!

+ Roleplay Elements!
Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Block Rate, Dodge Rate, Blocking power & more!

+ Custom Armors
Rhino Armor for tanky players, Ninja armor for crits and speed! And more!

+ Custom Weapons & Recipes
Musket, Crossbow, Spear, Battleaxes & more new weapons!

+ Quests with 3 Difficulty levels
Feel bored? Do quests for awesome rewards!

+ Grief Prevention plugin
No one will be able to touch your buildings done by hard work anymore!

+ Auction House, Custom Heads Shop
+ Jobs
+ In-Game ranks and leveling system
+ Free Fly-Vouchers, spawners and other cool stuffs from Vote Crates!
+ And Much more!


Rendelkezésre állás 78,06%
Rekord játékosok 1000
Szavazatok 422
Helyezés 17.
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